Practical and Intuitive Controller Design for Precision Motion Systems

Up to date, many advanced control methods have been proposed and applied to precision motion mechanisms for performance evaluation. However, exact modeling of mechanisms, their accurate parameter identification, and sufficient knowledge of their controllers are needed in their design procedures. The necessity of the present research can lead to controller designers avoiding the use of the methods.


Fig.1. Basic concept of NCTF control

A nominal characteristic trajectory following (NCTF) control method has been investigated as the method overcoming the problem for point-to-point (PTP) positioning and tracking control. The NCTF controllers have a nominal characteristic trajectory (NCT) as the reference motion and a compensator for following the object motion to the NCT. It is noteworthy that the design procedure does not require exact equations of motion, model parameters, or even basic knowledge of control theory, making it possible for even engineers who do not specialize in control technologies to easily and intuitively design and adjust the controller. The NCTF controllers have been designed for ball screw mechanisms, noncontact linear motors, pneumatic air cylinder actuators and they provide high precision positioning and high precision tracking control performances. In addition, precision motion control of pneumatic artificial muscle actuator system has been studied .

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