Ultrahigh-Acceleration and High-Velocity Mechanisms and the Application

Ultrahigh-Acceleration and High-Velocity Linear Motion System with a Long Working Range

The motion characteristics of a precision machine such as acceleration, velocity, and motion accuracy, are very important since they greatly affect the machine's performance. The purpose of this study is to realize an ultrahigh-acceleration and high-velocity linear motor for precision industrial machines with a long working range. The acceleration and velocity goals are 100G and 10 m/s, respectively. These are much higher than current linear motors. For achieving the goals, a prototype moving permanent magnet linear synchronous motors (MPM LSMs) have been designed and improved for the thrust-to-mover mass ratio higher than 980 N/kg. One of the prototype MPM LSMs provides the thrust greater than 4.56×103 N and can move at the acceleration higher than 1,000m/s2 and at the velocity higher than 11m/s. The control system with the prototype MPM LSM shows the positioning accuracy of 500nm. Then, the control system using the learning control method shows the tracking accuracy better than 1.7m when the sinusoidal input of which amplitude and frequency are 10mm and 20Hz, respectively is applied.


Fig.1 Prototype MPM LSM, which can move at the acceleration of 100G [Photo]

Fig.2 Motion of the MPM LSM in open-loop [Video: Click the figure]

Fig.3 Point-to-point positioning of the MPM LSM [Video: Click the figure]

Fig.4 Tracking control of the MPM LSM [Video: Click the figure]

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